We can deal with all of your warehouse cleaning needs!

Here at DH Warehouse Cleaning, we work with a team of cleaners who have years of experience when it comes to dealing with high level and specialised warehouse cleaning. We have worked in a range of different warehouse settings including factories and offices. Warehouse Steam Cleaning We have a team who deal with steam cleaning […]

DH Warehouse Cleaning – how can I keep on top of the cleanliness of my work premises?

DH Warehouse Cleaning – how can I keep on top of the cleanliness of my work premises?

Here at DH Warehouse Cleaning, it’s our job to keep factories, warehouses offices and more clean! If you want a full list of our services, you can find them here. But many factories and warehouses don’t realise the importance of keeping a clean and tidy work place and there’s where we come in. After all […]

Warehouse Cleaning Manchester – moving premises? We can help!

Here at D H Cleaning, we specialise in warehouse cleaning Manchester, amongst many other clean up projects. Specifically, we will often be asked to thoroughly deep clean a warehouse which is due to be used for housing food. Finding some new premises for a company or business isn’t always easy, especially if the occupants before […]

Warehouse Cleaning – why it’s so important to keep your warehouse floor clean

Apart from it being part of the health and safety act, keeping your warehouse floor clean is extremely important. It’s understandable that once the warehouse becomes busy and machinery is constantly in use, the floor gets forgotten about. However, to avoid trips and slips and to manage accidents within the workplace, it’s imperative to keep the […]

Warehouse Cleaning Manchester

The key to an effective warehouse working efficiently is cleanliness and organisation. A clean warehouse will also mean fewer safety issues and accidents. If you also have a clean and looked after warehouse, employees will want to take better care of it and take pride in their work. Dirt and grease can have a detrimental […]

External Warehouse Cleaning, North West

We have recently taken on a project for a major haulage company. We have been asked to complete all the external work, which includes: Steam cleaning roof sky light, 30ft up. Steam cleaning all external cladding. Steam cleaning brick walls. All surrounding gutters cleaned out of weeds and debris. Car park and flagging area steam […]

Warehouse concrete floor clean, Cambridge

We have recently been instructed to carry out a deep clean on a warehouse floor due to the previous occupants having now moved out. When we went to inspect the site, we found that the floor is currently stained with grease, oil and paint marks. The warehouse is now going to be used for a show room, so […]

High level cleaning distribution centre, Manchester

D H Warehouse Cleaning, North West We are in the process of securing a contract with a major retail company to undertake the high level cleaning work in their distribution centres. The distribution centres require high level cleaning so as to avoid any products being contaminated by a very slight film of dust. We have been informed by […]

Warehouse cleaning Dukinfield, Ashton-under-Lyne

We have recently completed a project for one of our customers, Propac Thermoforming Ltd. We have now completed a few warehouse cleans for this company and have built up a great relationship. Firstly, we offer a free no obligation quote, where we will walk around with the client discussing everything that needs to be done. The quote usually […]

Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning, Manchester Whether it’s high level cleaning, floor scrubbing or steam cleaning, DH Complete Cleaning can meet all your cleaning needs for any warehouse project. We understand taking on a warehouse for whatever purpose can be very daunting for our clients, so we want to ease the process and provide our services and skills […]