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DH Warehouse Cleaning – how can I keep on top of the cleanliness of my work premises?

Here at DH Warehouse Cleaning, it’s our job to keep factories, warehouses offices and more clean! If you want a full list of our services, you can find them here. But many factories and warehouses don’t realise the importance of keeping a clean and tidy work place and there’s where we come in. After all of our years of service, we’ve compiled a list of the most important reasons for keeping your workplace clean and a checklist on how to do that.

Why should you keep your factory and warehouse clean?

  • A tidy workplace is a productive work place. Keeping everything clean and tidy, and making sure everything is kept in its place, has been shown to directly improve the quality of work carried out.
  • You need to comply with health and safety laws and regulations. Failing to comply with all the various laws can put your employees in danger. Not only that, it could also put your entire company in danger.

Factory and warehouse cleaning checklist

  • First, you need to create a cleaning schedule. Decide what sections need to be cleaned on what day, and who need to clean what.
  • You also need to make sure that you supply each employee with the correct cleaning materials. This can vary depending on what and where they are cleaning.
  • It’s also worth asking your employees to make a note on how long it takes to clean, or even if they have any improvements on the current cleaning system.

As well as daily cleaning, your factory or warehouse will also need deep cleaning. We use professional and industrial strength equipment suitable for concrete, tarmac and other materials found in your workplace, to make sure that our deep clean reaches those places that an every day clean may not.

DH Warehouse Cleaning

So if you’re wandering around your warehouse or factory and noticing dirt, dust and debris that you haven’t noticed before, get in touch with us today and we can work together to help sort out a cleaning plan!

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