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Warehouse Cleaning – why it’s so important to keep your warehouse floor clean

Apart from it being part of the health and safety act, keeping your warehouse floor clean is extremely important. It’s understandable that once the warehouse becomes busy and machinery is constantly in use, the floor gets forgotten about. However, to avoid trips and slips and to manage accidents within the workplace, it’s imperative to keep the floor clean. Keeping your warehouse floor clean (and tidy!) also requires specialist equipment, which may not always be accessible to a business. Regimented cleaning procedures also need to be in place and in a busy, thriving warehouse, this isn’t always possible.

Warehouse Cleaning, Manchester, North West

That’s why D H Cleaning, Manchester, North West offer a full cleaning service. We step in when you haven’t got the time. You may not think cleaning can be dangerous, but if it’s in this particular environment, it can prove particularly risky. For example, warehouse cleaning machinery is heavy and fast paced and if not everyone is aware that they’re in operation, it can lead to injury or worse.

A warehouse also needs to properly document the cleans in full as part of the health and safety act under the government.

Industrial ways of cleaning warehouses include floor scrubbers, floor cleaning chemicals and floor sweepers to clean areas such as tiles, screen walls, interior walls, poised ceilings, lighting, furniture and windows.

Industrial Warehouse Cleaning Manchester

The most effective and efficient way of dealing with cleaning and hazards is to allow us to carry out one big clean when the warehouse is shut or at its quietest time. Of course, we will always work with the customer and whatever is convenient for you. So if cleaning your warehouse floor is something you have been putting off for a while but know you need to do something about it, then why not speak to us and let us help?

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