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We can deal with all of your warehouse cleaning needs!

Here at DH Warehouse Cleaning, we work with a team of cleaners who have years of experience when it comes to dealing with high level and specialised warehouse cleaning. We have worked in a range of different warehouse settings including factories and offices.

Warehouse Steam Cleaning

We have a team who deal with steam cleaning within the warehouse setting, this means that they are able to steam clean metal floors, metal cladding walls, roofs and brick walls as well as carpets and even roll shutter doors.  Steam cleaning is just as effective as pressure washing, whilst being a more gentle process which means that you don’t need to worry about any damage occurring to your warehouse.

Concrete Grinding and Polishing Services in Manchester

As well as warehouse cleaning, we are also carry out concrete grinding and concrete polishing services. This entails changing that cold hard concrete flooring into something that looks brand new and very professional. Different warehouses and companies want different things from their flooring, hence why we create bespoke plans when it comes your flooring. So whether you’re looking for a full concrete polishing services, or whether your current concrete floor just has some chips or scratches, we can refresh that.

High Level and Specialised Warehouse and Factory Cleaning

So if you’re looking for someone to take the strain off you dealing with the upkeep of your warehouse or factory, why not get in touch with us today? We deal with both warehouse cleaning contracts as well as one off cleaning services. If you are looking for something more specific when it comes to keeping your warehouse looking clean and staying safe, why not ask if we do it? We’re more than happy to put together a bespoke plan that works for your warehouse, factory or office area. Our head office is based in Radcliffe, and our cleaning teams cover all of Manchester and even further out.


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DH Warehouse Cleaning – how can I keep on top of the cleanliness of my work premises?

Here at DH Warehouse Cleaning, it’s our job to keep factories, warehouses offices and more clean! If you want a full list of our services, you can find them here. But many factories and warehouses don’t realise the importance of keeping a clean and tidy work place and there’s where we come in. After all of our years of service, we’ve compiled a list of the most important reasons for keeping your workplace clean and a checklist on how to do that.

Why should you keep your factory and warehouse clean?

  • A tidy workplace is a productive work place. Keeping everything clean and tidy, and making sure everything is kept in its place, has been shown to directly improve the quality of work carried out.
  • You need to comply with health and safety laws and regulations. Failing to comply with all the various laws can put your employees in danger. Not only that, it could also put your entire company in danger.

Factory and warehouse cleaning checklist

  • First, you need to create a cleaning schedule. Decide what sections need to be cleaned on what day, and who need to clean what.
  • You also need to make sure that you supply each employee with the correct cleaning materials. This can vary depending on what and where they are cleaning.
  • It’s also worth asking your employees to make a note on how long it takes to clean, or even if they have any improvements on the current cleaning system.

As well as daily cleaning, your factory or warehouse will also need deep cleaning. We use professional and industrial strength equipment suitable for concrete, tarmac and other materials found in your workplace, to make sure that our deep clean reaches those places that an every day clean may not.

DH Warehouse Cleaning

So if you’re wandering around your warehouse or factory and noticing dirt, dust and debris that you haven’t noticed before, get in touch with us today and we can work together to help sort out a cleaning plan!

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Warehouse Cleaning Manchester – moving premises? We can help!

Here at D H Cleaning, we specialise in warehouse cleaning Manchester, amongst many other clean up projects. Specifically, we will often be asked to thoroughly deep clean a warehouse which is due to be used for housing food. Finding some new premises for a company or business isn’t always easy, especially if the occupants before haven’t kept it in the best state. That’s where D H Warehouse cleaning Manchester come in. We have efficient and expertly trained staff who make sure to return premises to its original and spotless state!

Warehouse cleaning Manchester

Just recently we were asked to carry out this exact project. A client approached us saying they’d found the perfect location and warehouse for their company that supplies food to restaurants, but it wasn’t exactly clean! So we gathered all our professional equipment together and got to work. We started with a survey of the area we were being asked to work on. We then grabbed the hoovers and pack back hoovers and gave our customer a full rundown of what our plan was. Our warehouse cleaning Manchester team will always offer a rundown of the stages of cleaning and pricing to make sure you’re completely happy before any work is undertaken.

The satisfaction of our clients is of paramount importance to us. The client is always in complete control and we always work around you and what is most suitable. We can work during the day and through evenings and even nights if that’s what’s easier.

North West warehouse cleaning

Our high-level cleaning from our reputable company is second to none. We wouldn’t want to be working or living in a dirty environment and atmosphere, so why should our customers? We have been looking after warehouse cleaning Manchester for a number of years now. During this time, we have built up a range of experience in varying situations. Trust us to look after your brand new premises whilst you get on with the more important stuff!

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Warehouse Cleaning – why it’s so important to keep your warehouse floor clean

Apart from it being part of the health and safety act, keeping your warehouse floor clean is extremely important. It’s understandable that once the warehouse becomes busy and machinery is constantly in use, the floor gets forgotten about. However, to avoid trips and slips and to manage accidents within the workplace, it’s imperative to keep the floor clean. Keeping your warehouse floor clean (and tidy!) also requires specialist equipment, which may not always be accessible to a business. Regimented cleaning procedures also need to be in place and in a busy, thriving warehouse, this isn’t always possible.

Warehouse Cleaning, Manchester, North West

That’s why D H Cleaning, Manchester, North West offer a full cleaning service. We step in when you haven’t got the time. You may not think cleaning can be dangerous, but if it’s in this particular environment, it can prove particularly risky. For example, warehouse cleaning machinery is heavy and fast paced and if not everyone is aware that they’re in operation, it can lead to injury or worse.

A warehouse also needs to properly document the cleans in full as part of the health and safety act under the government.

Industrial ways of cleaning warehouses include floor scrubbers, floor cleaning chemicals and floor sweepers to clean areas such as tiles, screen walls, interior walls, poised ceilings, lighting, furniture and windows.

Industrial Warehouse Cleaning Manchester

The most effective and efficient way of dealing with cleaning and hazards is to allow us to carry out one big clean when the warehouse is shut or at its quietest time. Of course, we will always work with the customer and whatever is convenient for you. So if cleaning your warehouse floor is something you have been putting off for a while but know you need to do something about it, then why not speak to us and let us help?

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Warehouse Cleaning Manchester

The key to an effective warehouse working efficiently is cleanliness and organisation. A clean warehouse will also mean fewer safety issues and accidents. If you also have a clean and looked after warehouse, employees will want to take better care of it and take pride in their work. Dirt and grease can have a detrimental affect on your warehouse machinery. That’s why, with our warehouse cleaning Manchester service, D H Cleaning adhere to keeping your warehouse thoroughly maintained, allowing you to get on with other things.

Warehouse Cleaning North West

A fully functional warehouse is constantly buzzing and working. The last thing you need is an important item of machinery to stop working in the middle of a major project, all because of some embedded grime. Or maybe it will cause a forklift to breakdown, leaving you without a means to transport items across the warehouse. Whatever your needs, D H Warehouse Cleaning Manchester is here to help.

We have been looking after warehouses in Manchester and throughout the North West for a number of years now. As a company we are extremely reputable. You can rely on us to carry out your projected with minimum fuss and inconvenience. Our warehouse cleaning Manchester service is something we greatly pride ourselves on and we take care to offer second to none quality services.

We have a fantastic dedicated team who look after you every step of the way. We will initially carry out a site walk with you and whilst you show us exactly what you want. Then, after each project is carried out, we will carry out a second site walk with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our work.

D H Warehouse Cleaning Manchester

So if your warehouse is in need of some care and attention, or you just want to make sure it is continually maintained, then why not give us a call? We look forward to working with you!

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External Warehouse Cleaning, North West

We have recently taken on a project for a major haulage company. We have been asked to complete all the external work, which includes:

  • Steam cleaning roof sky light, 30ft up.
  • Steam cleaning all external cladding.
  • Steam cleaning brick walls.
  • All surrounding gutters cleaned out of weeds and debris.
  • Car park and flagging area steam cleaned.
  • All foliage cut back and removed from site.

The client is wanting all the work above completed as they are having a visit from a potential big client of theirs, who is based over seas.

This particular haulage company is the biggest company in the UK. This work required 4 members of staff for 2 weeks. All work was undertaken on an access platform. Each member of staff is IPAF and PASMA trained and all hold valid CSCS cards. We also hold a waste carrier license for all foliage that has been cut back.

D H Warehouse Cleaning

Initially we had to steam clean the sky lights and remove the build up of green mould. This made the warehouse internally a lot lighter. While cleaning the skylights, we noticed that all the surrounding gutter was blocked up. We made the client aware and they instructed us to remove and clean the drainage system. Upon removing the debris, we then washed all the gutters down thoroughly with the steam cleaner, making sure there were no blockages and making sure the rain water was running freely.

Next, we steam cleaned under low pressure to remove deposits of black carbon and green mould on all the 4 x elevations, thus making the building look a lot cleaner and brighter externally for when the client arrived. All foliage was cut back using chain saws and head trimmers. All waste was also removed from site and disposed of accordingly. The brick walls were also covered in green mould and the car park area was stained with oil.

External Warehouse Cleaning, North West

We began by applying mild detergents to break down oil and green mould, all of which we can provide COSH sheets for. The area had become unsafe as the oil and green mould had made the area very slippery when people were arriving at the warehouse. Once the mild detergent had been applied, the oil and mould was then easily removed by steam cleaning.

Our client was extremely happy with the work and also asked us to quote on another site they had recently bought and needed painting.

Our site visits are free of charge. We will arrange a time and date to suit yourself and discuss all your warehouse cleaning needs. We have taken on many warehouse sites and have been trading for over 18 years.

Please call us now to discuss you cleaning needs on 0161 763 5666 or visit one of our many websites:















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Warehouse concrete floor clean, Cambridge

We have recently been instructed to carry out a deep clean on a warehouse floor due to the previous occupants having now moved out. When we went to inspect the site, we found that the floor is currently stained with grease, oil and paint marks. The warehouse is now going to be used for a show room, so it therefore needs to be in an extremely clean condition.

No obligation, free quotes

The client contacted our office and arranged a free, no obligation quotation.

One of our engineers met the client at the warehouse, which is situated in an industrial park in the area of Cambridge. Together they discussed the client’s needs and our office staff then put together a quotation. This was then accepted. The client was extremely busy at the time of the clean. Therefore, we were left with the keys and our staff just cracked on, which is what we do best!

We want to make the cleaning progress as stress free for our clients as possible. With this in mind, we are willing to work around them as best we can. If you have any special requirements, just let us know at the site visit and we will try our upmost to accommodate them. On this particular job we had to use an industrial floor scrubber to remove the oil and paint marks.

D H Warehouse Cleaning, Manchester, North West

At D H Warehouse Cleaning Manchester, we take on all kinds of warehouse cleaning jobs for varying clients and establishments. No job is too big or too small!




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High level cleaning distribution centre, Manchester

D H Warehouse Cleaning, North West

We are in the process of securing a contract with a major retail company to undertake the high level cleaning work in their distribution centres. The distribution centres require high level cleaning so as to avoid any products being contaminated by a very slight film of dust. We have been informed by our potential new clients that they have recently received complaints from their customers as some of the items they have received have been coated in a thin layer of dust. This is the reason why our client is now requiring a yearly dust decontamination clean throughout all of their distribution centres in Manchester and the North West.

The method of our cleaning service is to use numatic back pack hoovers and access platforms. All work will be completed during the night so as to not slow down the productivity of our client’s staff throughout the day. All our staff wear full PPE including respirators. Each staff member has an IPAF qualification and has gained a CSCS certificate. Before work commences, all affected areas are cornered off using warning barriers and all products on the stainless steel shelving will be covered up to avoid further contamination due to the cleaning work being undertaken.

High level cleaning distribution centre, Manchester

When the high level cleaning is being undertaken, our staff members take photographs before and after of all affected areas that they have cleaned. The reason why we do this is to show our clients the progress and the standard of work that our company D H Warehouse Cleaning has completed on that particular night shift. All photographs from all jobs, before and after, will be emailed over to the offices of our clients first thing every morning.

This potential contract will be a major step forward for D H Warehouse Cleaning to further grow our company, achieve our goals and to push forward to becoming a major face in the warehouse cleaning industry.


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Warehouse cleaning Dukinfield, Ashton-under-Lyne

We have recently completed a project for one of our customers, Propac Thermoforming Ltd. We have now completed a few warehouse cleans for this company and have built up a great relationship. Firstly, we offer a free no obligation quote, where we will walk around with the client discussing everything that needs to be done. The quote usually takes no longer than 20 minutes and we will fit it in around your schedule at a time convenient to you. This type of clean was to remove the build up of dust which was falling onto the products from high up. Thus, we needed to access the high level purines with a cherry picker.

Warehouse cleaning Dukinfield, Ashton-under-Lyne

We here at DH Complete Cleaning hire all our own machines so you don’t have to worry about it. We then commence work using numatic backpack hoovers and simply hoover the dust away. We can send over all of our risk and method statements including insurances, if requested or needed. Our Staff also hold CSCS and IPAF qualifications. Once work is complete, yourself or a member of your staff can walk around with one of our engineers to check the end result. This way, if there is anything you are unhappy with or are unsure about, you can let our engineer know so we can finish off any snags. We aim to please, so there is no issue if there is any area you are unhappy with, just simply let our engineers know and we will get it up to the standards you expect. Once all work is complete, we ask that you sign off one of our work completion sheets to say you are 100% happy with all work carried out.

DH Complete Cleaning

There is no warehouse job too big or too small; you let us know what your requirements are and we will sort the rest!

Call now for a free, no obligation quote.





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Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning, Manchester

Whether it’s high level cleaning, floor scrubbing or steam cleaning, DH Complete Cleaning can meet all your cleaning needs for any warehouse project. We understand taking on a warehouse for whatever purpose can be very daunting for our clients, so we want to ease the process and provide our services and skills as best we can. We will take the clean as far as you want us to go with it and get it to the standard you require. For example, high level cleaning can remove dust just so the warehouse is suitable to store items in or we can take it further so it is ready to become a working factory.

Steam Cleaning, North West

We provide many services from steam cleaning metal cladding walls, purlins and breeze block walls to floor scrubbing using an industrial floor scrubber, offices, toilets, canteens and much more. No job is too big! We offer a free of charge no obligation quotation. One of our staff members will meet you on site at a time and date to suit yourself. Our engineers will go through everything to ensure all your requirements are met and you will then receive a quotation in the next 24 hours.

We will provide all risk assessments and methods and all of our staff members are CS tested.