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High level cleaning distribution centre, Manchester

D H Warehouse Cleaning, North West

We are in the process of securing a contract with a major retail company to undertake the high level cleaning work in their distribution centres. The distribution centres require high level cleaning so as to avoid any products being contaminated by a very slight film of dust. We have been informed by our potential new clients that they have recently received complaints from their customers as some of the items they have received have been coated in a thin layer of dust. This is the reason why our client is now requiring a yearly dust decontamination clean throughout all of their distribution centres in Manchester and the North West.

The method of our cleaning service is to use numatic back pack hoovers and access platforms. All work will be completed during the night so as to not slow down the productivity of our client’s staff throughout the day. All our staff wear full PPE including respirators. Each staff member has an IPAF qualification and has gained a CSCS certificate. Before work commences, all affected areas are cornered off using warning barriers and all products on the stainless steel shelving will be covered up to avoid further contamination due to the cleaning work being undertaken.

High level cleaning distribution centre, Manchester

When the high level cleaning is being undertaken, our staff members take photographs before and after of all affected areas that they have cleaned. The reason why we do this is to show our clients the progress and the standard of work that our company D H Warehouse Cleaning has completed on that particular night shift. All photographs from all jobs, before and after, will be emailed over to the offices of our clients first thing every morning.

This potential contract will be a major step forward for D H Warehouse Cleaning to further grow our company, achieve our goals and to push forward to becoming a major face in the warehouse cleaning industry.


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