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External Warehouse Cleaning, North West

We have recently taken on a project for a major haulage company. We have been asked to complete all the external work, which includes:

  • Steam cleaning roof sky light, 30ft up.
  • Steam cleaning all external cladding.
  • Steam cleaning brick walls.
  • All surrounding gutters cleaned out of weeds and debris.
  • Car park and flagging area steam cleaned.
  • All foliage cut back and removed from site.

The client is wanting all the work above completed as they are having a visit from a potential big client of theirs, who is based over seas.

This particular haulage company is the biggest company in the UK. This work required 4 members of staff for 2 weeks. All work was undertaken on an access platform. Each member of staff is IPAF and PASMA trained and all hold valid CSCS cards. We also hold a waste carrier license for all foliage that has been cut back.

D H Warehouse Cleaning

Initially we had to steam clean the sky lights and remove the build up of green mould. This made the warehouse internally a lot lighter. While cleaning the skylights, we noticed that all the surrounding gutter was blocked up. We made the client aware and they instructed us to remove and clean the drainage system. Upon removing the debris, we then washed all the gutters down thoroughly with the steam cleaner, making sure there were no blockages and making sure the rain water was running freely.

Next, we steam cleaned under low pressure to remove deposits of black carbon and green mould on all the 4 x elevations, thus making the building look a lot cleaner and brighter externally for when the client arrived. All foliage was cut back using chain saws and head trimmers. All waste was also removed from site and disposed of accordingly. The brick walls were also covered in green mould and the car park area was stained with oil.

External Warehouse Cleaning, North West

We began by applying mild detergents to break down oil and green mould, all of which we can provide COSH sheets for. The area had become unsafe as the oil and green mould had made the area very slippery when people were arriving at the warehouse. Once the mild detergent had been applied, the oil and mould was then easily removed by steam cleaning.

Our client was extremely happy with the work and also asked us to quote on another site they had recently bought and needed painting.

Our site visits are free of charge. We will arrange a time and date to suit yourself and discuss all your warehouse cleaning needs. We have taken on many warehouse sites and have been trading for over 18 years.

Please call us now to discuss you cleaning needs on 0161 763 5666 or visit one of our many websites:















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